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  • Before I spoke with Lesley,I was frustrated and feeling like there had to be something wrong with me because of desires I had that I felt were not normal . I felt I needed to change who I was and conform to a box that society says married people belong in. I had a misconception that intimacy equaled sex , I learned that is not the issue at all . There are techniques to use to strengthen intimacy none of which involve sex surprisingly! I had no hesitations in investing in coaching  because of how authentic Lesley is in sharing her own experiences. Since working with Lesley, my beliefs and mindset has changed . I learned that I am whole and not broken nothing needs fixed I learned that I can experiment and have fun. The biggest accomplishment after working with Lesley was my mind shift from broken to whole from this sucks to experimentation is fun. Lesley rocks!  -Amanda Chance, Missouri, USA
  • My biggest frustration was acknowledging that sexuality is a natural part of life, including mine.  My challenge was admitting that I wanted to have a romantic life.  My form of sexual expression was non-existent, having ignored my sexual self for over a decade.  I was not comfortable with it, scared in fact, to even mention it in conversation. Lesley had a way of helping me discover things that I never realized were holding me back.)  Lesley intuitively knew what to ask and what to say to help me see how my actions, beliefs and attitudes were detrimental to my goals.” -O.
  • My courage to face the issues, the challenges and the demons in my life has increased ten fold.  What I feared and ignored before, I now face bravely, knowing that I have the strength, the abilities and the support in place to do so.  Working with Lesley inspired and motivated me to take steps and achieve things I did not think were possible.  I eagerly looked forward to my meetings with Lesley and to reporting to her the successes I had achieved.  Lesley always made me feel special.  She really taught me how to look at myself in a better light and how to appreciate my strengths and accomplishments.  Lesley showed me the growth I had made and reminded me of achievements I had forgotten about.   I will remember several of Lesley’s tools and will use them as necessary to continue the good work we started.  I am most grateful to Lesley for her remarkable insight and intuition in helping me determine the coaching priorities during our time together.  We made great strides in such a short time and it was worth every dollar.  There is no doubt that I will work with her again!” -Ophelia, 49
  • “I took Lesley up on her offer of a 1:1 breakthrough session. I wasn’t ready to commit, but then I never would have been if Lesley hadn’t asked me the life-changing question; ‘What’s stopping you getting to where you want to go?’ And in that moment, I knew I was a Yes. I did not want to be coming up against the same stuff in my relationship and my bedroom next month, next year. It’s been too long already. I am only half way through Lesley’s  6-month coaching program and can’t believe I waited this long. She was an innate way of giving language to my inner dialogue and experiences.  I now have the confidence and connection I need to intimately connect with my partner, and give myself permission to arrive as myself in my relationship, my family, my work and my life.” -Brigitte, 45
  • “Before working with Lesley, my relationship lacked passion and intimacy.  I wasn’t very confident and I had lost my independence. What I really needed to know was how to spice things up, get back to communicating wholeheartedly and regain the intimate connection with my partner. I was hesitant to ask for help but know it was the right step to reach out and ask for support.  Contacting Lesley was the right step for our relationship. We needed a re-boot and it helped get us back on track. Since working with Lesley, I feel much happier in my relationship. I am much more confident and the intimacy and communication is flowing much easier now. It was great to work with Lesley. I felt empowered.” -Rose, 28
  • “Lesley is an amazing and informed nurse with a very healthy approach to sexuality. Any workshop by her would be an excellent opportunity :)” -Amy Hollings, RN
  • “Hi Lesley – I am so happy I attended your workshop this past weekend. We left the next day for our little 3 day vacation – where we always have a great time. But soooooo much greater this time – THANKS :-)” -Vivianne, BC
  • “My name is Laurel and I have been curious about different kinds of sexual positions and techniques and a little worried about how to approach it because of some stereotypes. After being in a session with Lesley, she helped me understand my body and how to work with my body as well as my husband’s. We are enjoying our new-found sexual pleasure and our relationship is stronger than ever.” -Laurel, Nanaimo, BC
  • “Your website cracks me up, you’ve made sexuality so fun for everyone – what a super endeavor!” -Sharron, Parksville, BC
  • “Lesley was knowledgeable, professional and so comfortable talking about sex and masturbation, she laid the groundwork for creating a safe space for sharing as well as having me eager to do my home-play assignments and come back next week for more information! I love coming to these workshops, they are so awesome. I can’t wait for the next series to start!” -Anatomy of Pleasure participant
  • “Awesome facilitator- you are genuine-the real deal! I can see you are passionate and this is your purpose. Thanks for sharing your gift with other women and helping us to open up and discuss this important issue.” -Anatomy of Pleasure 2012 participant
  • “I attended some sex coaching sessions with Lesley earlier this year. I found Lesley to be easy to talk to, and very informative. My goal was to become more comfortable with my body. I learned so much about myself, and this was done in a gentle, comfortable manner. I was offered books, and videos, which I found very helpful. My experience with Lesley was very rewarding, and very encouraging. I would recommend Lesley to anyone wanting to learn anything about sexual wellness.” -KD, Nanaimo, BC
  • “Lesley is an excellent communicator and has the ability to speak to our students at a level they understand. It is obvious that she has extensive knowledge of her material. She is very confident and comfortable in front of the students and never becomes embarrassed about anything she discusses or is asked. She is very matter of fact about sexuality. I would not hesitate to have Lesley return to our classroom and educate our students about healthy sexuality.” -Deanna McNaught, Adult Basic Education Instructor
  • “Lesley’s enthusiasm and knowledge opens the door to an often difficult subject. Thank you!” -PS, Parent Workshop Participant
  • “Lesley was very comfortable with the students. She listened carefully to their comments and questions and was very thoughtful and sensitive to them. She used age appropriate materials, language and body language. Her pace was very good and she responded positively to student questions and comments. I would highly recommend Lesley to work with primary classes and plan to invite her back next year.” -Liz McCaw, Elementary School Teacher, Nanaimo, BC
  • “You’re awesome! Thanks for sharing your passion! Your body language is so open and you create an environment of trust! A fabulous, open trusting educator!” -SC, Women’s Sexuality Workshop Participant
  • ” I wish Lesley was my sex-ed teacher in high school! I learned more in 2 hours from her than I did in 4 years of school!” –VD, Adult Learner, Nanaimo, BC
  • “I will always remember the day when Lesley came in as a special guest to the girl’s group I facilitate to discuss puberty and sexuality. The girls and I were feeling a little awkward and apprehensive about the topics. Lesley was nonchalant, honest and informative. The girls stopped blushing and starting asking questions with reckless abandon! Lesley handled all the questions with ease and the girls left knowing more about their bodies and their transition into womanhood.” -Beth Luchies, BA, CYC, Family Support Worker, Ucuelet, BC
  • “My time with Lesley has been valuable. Lesley helped me verbalize my goals and reminded me as I achieved them. The counselling radiated into my whole life and resulted in me practicing assertiveness where I did not show any before. Thank you.”-DD, Coaching Client, Vancouver, BC

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10 Minutes to a more Sensual You.

10 Minutes to a more Sensual You.

"Lesley is the goddess of Sexuality and exploring the relationship between your senses, creativity and manifesting your desires."
-Elena Lipson, The Divine Self Care Mentor

"Lesley is a passion ignitor aka a relationship and sexual expression coach for moms (especially). She’s one of the most inspiringly vulnerable women I know and her work is anything but surface level."
Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist