The most powerful force on the planet is a sensually feminine awakened woman.

Ready to ditch your old stories and discover the freedom in your feminine?


Tired of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself?

Ready to feel wanted, passionate and excited about your life again?

The growing divide between the life you desire and and your current circumstances seems to grow everyday – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have everything you need to experience the most sensual version of yourself -today. It’s all in you – the confidence, the language, the self-assuredness, the voice of your desires. Your pleasure is alive and well, however you may be out of practice expressing it.

Your desires may be hidden and obscured behind old messages, emotional clutter and outdated expressions of fear. Your desires deserve space. You have a choice to remove the clutter and shine light into the dark corners and experience just how much pleasure your life can embody. hugs

A richer, fuller more sensually feminine life is yours- if you choose it.

Your feminine essence is not distinctly separate from all the roles you play in your life. It is the vital elixir that nurtures sustains and unites us as women, sisters, mothers and lovers. It is intrinsically tied to our creative energy and therefore necessary for every decision we will ever make in our lives.

Photo credit: April Kuramoto

My name is Lesley Stedmon and I am your feminine freedom mentor. I am passionate about creating safe spaces for women to recognize and harness the feminine power & rewrite their stories in alignment with the deepest desires and innate wisdom.

A space for you give yourself permission to own, express your strength, grace, resiliency and power of discernment.

A place to shed the shoulds + become the woman you were born to be.


“Who do you think you are?”

“Why would anyone ever listen to anything you have to say?”

These words became my anthem and I believed them. For 31 excruciating years I let these beliefs be louder than my truth & it sucked every single ounce of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence from my fragile codependent psyche. Who was I without someone else to support me?

My story was rising to the surface and I repeatedly suffocated it. It was the truth and the truth frightened me. The unwritten rules I had grown accustomed to second guessed my intuition and opinions to the point that that I was nothing without validation from the roles I played as a  wife, daughter, mother.

I had forgotten what it was like to be a woman. I dug deep and began the soul excavation work of uneasyanswer the big question: Who am I as a woman in the world?

It was perhaps the scariest and most liberating moment of my life, coming out of the cloud and long shadow of post partum depression. I had given myself permission to come out from behind the veil of shame of who I believed I was and tell the truth – tell my story.


I made the transition from identifying within roles as mum and wife and started to tell my story about how I own my power as woman in the world, fuelled by my feminine wisdom and sourced through my sensual energy. It was undeniable.

orange chakra womanIt’s time to shed the shoulds and tell the story that lives inside you. The gift you will receive when your mind is in alignment with your heart is true freedom. Not just for you but for everyone around you.

When you tell your truth – when you speak of your deepest desires and passions – you give others around you to do the same.

To answer the question – who are you – is to know true freedom.

Now is the time to speak up to raise your voice, your confidence and your vibrations. We need to hear your story. We’re listening:

But first, you have to decide to take the leap and ask for the help.

What is the next step? Let’s set up a time to chat and hear your story.  This is your first step toward rewriting your story.

And then?

We set up a Skype chat, where we ask questions, chat expectations and generally see if we’re compatible. We’ll spend our first meeting digging into all things you and start to excavate your story and rediscover your feminine wisdom.

Schedule your Complimentary Session today and watch your life come into full bloom.