Visceral Manipulation: Alleviating Pain With Intercourse Postpartum

Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period can wreck havoc on a woman’s body. Your growing uterus creates extra pressure and displaces vital internal organs. Childbirth can cause damage to delicate vaginal and vulvular tissues resulting in scar tissue formation. In the postpartum period, your body contorts and is put out of alignment by breastfeeding, carrying car seats and massive fluid shifts in your tissues.

I have had four pregnancies and two miscarriages. My 2 full term pregnancies were amazing experiences and I now have 2 healthy children, aged 5 and 1.

My primary work as a sex coach is with postpartum women experiencing painful intercourse postpartum.

I was doing some research on the topic and came across the concept of scar tissue remediation. Scar tissue from pregnancy and childbirth (no matter how long ago) is not confined to the area of trauma, ie. an episiotomy. It worms its way through the body, tightening and pulling you out of alignment. Your body compensates around the injury over time, only compounding the problem.

The treatment that yielded the most results for women was visceral manipulation. There are only 2 practitioners on Vancouver Island who practice visceral manipulation and I am privileged to know one of them.

Janice Horsnell, a registered massage therapist working out of Nanaimo, had me come by for a session. Janice had me lay down and she tested how much resistance my body was holding. Since I am so interested in pelvic floor health we focused on my uterus and cervix. She placed a hand over my uterus and told me it was being pulled to the left. Every so slightly my uterus and cervix moved under her hand to the correct position. Visceral manipulation is the body auto correcting itself. My body intutively know where my cervix was supposed to be and moved it there.

The best way to describe it was “a melting sensation”, as if the scar tissue was melting away and my body was correcting itself at last. It turns out I had some scar tissue around my duodenum and kidneys, which again provided an amazing melting sensation when manipulated under gentle fingertip pressure.

When I let Janice’s office, I felt taller and stronger. I also noted that my stomach was flatter; I am attributing that to my uterus moving into the correct position.

I am a total believer in visceral manipulation and the benefits it yields. Realignment helps reduce risk of uterine prolapse, cystocele and rectocele over time. Janice is a wealth of knowledge about visceral manipulation and can answer any questions you may have. She can be reached via phone at 250-753-5999 or email at


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