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Lean in, I have something to tell you.

Dear woman in deep sleep,
It’s time to wake up to your life. You know there is something missing, deep down.

As that space that once knew peace and contentment fills with resentment, with fatigue and hopelessness, it seems too hard to even begin to unpack the hurt. You’ve tried so many things and ended up numbing out with modern convenience. Your deepest desires are a whisper invading your senses, letting you know they want out, they want to be seen, to be felt, to be lived. Don’t ignore them any longer.
Honor your true desires.
Own your sensuality.
Liberate your divine feminine.
Yes, it is time to Return to Her.
Hold my hand. I’ll help you find her.

You are a divine creature. Born whole and brilliant. You may have lost sight of this fact and not recognized your brilliance but I promise you, it is still there.

I can see it. I want you to see it again too. There are options to feeling empty, overwhelmed and stuck. Coupled with the social and cultural demands we face as women, it can be difficult to gain traction out of out stuck-ness.


I’ve been there. It’s tough, it’s lonely and I saw no way out. But I did it and I can illuminate the path for you and support you until your own brilliance lights your way. Rediscover your brilliance, the power in your femininity and come home to yourself.

Ready to start your journey to wholeness? Give yourself permission to say yes to life!

Merging her clinical experience as a registered nurse and sexologist with her passion for energetic feminine healing, Lesley creates safe spaces for women to fall back in love with themselves and reconnect to their inner wild.

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Photo credit: April Kuramoto

Photo credit: April Kuramoto


Return to Her by Lesley Stedmon

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Return to Her: Come Home to Yourself is now available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats.

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10 Minutes to a more Sensual You.

10 Minutes to a more Sensual You.

"Lesley is the goddess of Sexuality and exploring the relationship between your senses, creativity and manifesting your desires."
-Elena Lipson, The Divine Self Care Mentor

"Lesley is a passion ignitor aka a relationship and sexual expression coach for moms (especially). She’s one of the most inspiringly vulnerable women I know and her work is anything but surface level."
Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist