It’s 9:15 pm Saturday.

Its finally here, your BFF’s big 40th party. A party worth missing Netflix for.

You’ve finally found something  worthy of paying a babysitter for and you even shaved your legs. It’s going to be a great night.

And you’re off. Your hubby looks great, as he always does, just a bit greyer than when you first met. The party is great and you’re feeling it! There’s yummy food, dancing, the music is fantastic and you’re in the groove.

And then it happens.

The couple you were just making small talk with on the couch, the very same couple who held hands – while they ate dinner – is getting pretty close to needing a room. Soon. Really, who does that? Not you, apparently.

They’re kissing each other while they talk to you, she’s sitting on his lap and laughing. You seem to be a realllllly awkward third wheel in their conversation.  Their focus is purely and solely on each other. You can smell the sexual chemistry in the air.

You turn to look at your husband and your eyes meet his. You don’t have to say a thing. Its too painful to maintain eye contact. Without speaking, his sad, searching eyes say I miss that. I miss us. You want it too, back to the way it used to be. But you don’t even know the first step in getting there. So you stay still. And wait. And he does the same.

Disconnected couple

It finally happened – you became roommates.

The last time you touched involved tag-teaming the kid’s snowsuit.

And kissing? You can’t even remember.

Don’t even mention sex. You have enough to do already.

Whether it’s:

+rediscovering yourself after motherhood

+being at a crossroads in your relationship where you either give your all or give up

+wanting to be more than roommates with your husband,

It’s time to stop pretending that Sex is not important. Sex is a form of communication and if you are not connecting sexually then you are not communicating. Period.

shower hands


+Feeling wanted.

+Looking forward to sex again.

+Knowing you have the tools to find Pleasure in the everyday.

+Living a life of foreplay with your partner

+Knowing exactly what  the intention of each kind of touch means – from healing to erotic.

+Exquisite awareness of how your body responds sexually and having zero hesitation telling your lover exactly what turns you on- and getting it.



Pleasure is yours for the taking – it’s about getting crystal clear on how it shows up in your life through a unique perspective – Yours.

90 Minute (3)

Let me guide you on a journey to reconnecting to the pleasure and sensuality in your life.

 Book your complimentary Feminine Freedom session today and:

  • Get clear on what is holding you back from experiencing true intimate connection
  • Uncover what challenges are keeping you stuck and your libido on lockdown
  • Discover your next steps towards reigniting passion and intimacy in your relationship


You have everything you need- right here, right now, to make a life of pleasure a possibility. All you need to do is begin. I’ll be here.


Photo credit: April Kuramoto

Photo credit: April Kuramoto


Return to Her by Lesley Stedmon

Return to Her by Lesley Stedmon

Return to Her, coming August 2016 to

10 Minutes to a more Sensual You.

10 Minutes to a more Sensual You.

Have you signed up for your complimentary Feminine Focus session?

Have you signed up for your complimentary Feminine Focus session?

"Lesley is the goddess of Sexuality and exploring the relationship between your senses, creativity and manifesting your desires."
-Elena Lipson, The Divine Self Care Mentor

"Lesley is a passion ignitor aka a relationship and sexual expression coach for moms (especially). She’s one of the most inspiringly vulnerable women I know and her work is anything but surface level."
Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist